Sunday, October 24, 2010

One step closer to Mysore: Singapore Stopover

I felt clumsy all day. All the pre-Mysore excitement makes me feel like I'm stumbling, bumbling as if in a dream.

For a week now, it has been so: last Sunday's farewell practice and brunch at Cath's house, Manila by Wednesday, remembering my first ashtanga teacher with classmate Joseph after practicing together at Yoga Philippines, partaking in Stillpoint's crazy beautiful energy for Friday mysore and brunch, my farewell dinner with my oldest Manila friends at Legend of India. Everywhere, there are well-wishes and good advice. Everything points to India, everything is heading to Mysore.

And thus, Claudia and I are, slowly, slowly making our way.

So far, its more than a little magical. Even the little bloopers lead us to the grander scheme. For example, this 1 day stopover at Singapore was unplanned. Our flight (Tiger Airways)was canceled then rescheduled to the following day. So we miss a day in Mysore. But we gain a day in Singapore, staying with my stepsister--who just moved here, playing with my niece, and getting fed the most delicious salad ever, the tastiest pasta sauce and ice cream by Ben and Jerry's. The salad was just so fresh, crunchy, tasting like the way veggies should taste.

Tomorrow, we get to meet up with our May training classmate Su-ching, sample a mysore class at The Yoga Shala on Yan Kit Road (, and have brunch. We get to shop for Claudia's replacement camera. Her compact digital camera just plain stopped working at last Sunday's brunch.

Everything fits into a big picture, thanks to our canceled flight, Claudia gets to document our Mysore trip with a new camera, a Lumix G2. I get to see family. We get to reconnect with a new friend. Life is good. Life IS.

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  1. Kaz & Claudia, we presence you daily in our practice and miss your beautiful, calm words and wonderful smiles. There is a teaching vaccuum on the island and I've been sucked into the vortex, learning to enjoy the privilege that it is to share yoga with others. Our flights are now booked for Australia so as I type this, I am unsure about when/how/why our paths will cross again. But I reflect on the last 16 months in Boracay and am just so grateful for this magical time we have all had with one another. I will be visiting your blog - LOTS!