Saturday, November 27, 2010

Claudia’s Art Calling

Whenever I take a peek into Claudia’s room, she is almost always at her desk. At first just sketching her own creative creatures or the iconography of Hindu mythology (a requirement for her class), later ripping up local new papers and painting canvasses with bright, sparkling colors—inspired by India.

Her trip, which is fast coming to a close, is one of yoga and art, art and yoga, both seamlessly going together. Painting is her sitting practice, her meditation.
In fact, at every turn in seems Claudia is being drawn to the world of art here in Mysore: first by her traditional Mysore painting teacher Anand and then by Shoaib.

Coming to the end of our third week, another happy coincidence pushes Claudia further into her art exploration. (I suspect that the universe is trying to tell her something!)

By chance, we meet Akhilanka in Sudha clothes shop in Gokulam. On hearing of her background as a photographer and artist, he invites her to see his studio and his intriguing creative method (Sunday, November 21). The following is Claudia’s third Mysore art encounter, in her own words. I was not present for this trip. However, she came home so inspired by what she saw, I felt we should include the experience…

Akhilanka is a painter specializing in color meditation with singing bowls. Sounding the bowl he lets the vibration and sound guide his subconscious to choose color and form. The results are vivid, sparkling colorful works in mixed media, using acrylic, oils, sometimes burning the canvas.

Akhilanka also conducts singing bowl meditations. We ourselves are vibrations. By placing and sounding singing bowls around and on different parts of the body, the vibrations change. Blockages can be removed, we can release and open.

After a photo session in Akhilanka’s studio of his works and method for his website, he offers me to try out the singing bowl meditation.

Wearing a white gown I lie down on a white sheet with crystals and singing bowls placed all around the body. Akhilanka strikes them one by one, then many at a time placing them on different places on the body. It is a deep and special experience hearing and feeling this concert of vibrations all through the body.

A small bowl in the heart center has a high clear sound and trembling vibration, then it is replaced by a large heavy bowl with a deep shaking sound shaking all through to the core. A myriad of sounds, vibrations, emotions. A very special experience.

Singing Bowl Meditation & Color Meditation

The meditation that Claudia experienced was 45 minutes long.

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