Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smoothie Withdrawal

No Anu's today. None until December 19. It's a happy occasion for Anu and Ganesh as they celebrate their daughter's wedding with family and friends over the next two weeks. For us Gokulam-based yoga students, however, the joyful event comes with some serious drawbacks.

For the next two weeks plus, we're going to have to make do without Anu's delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner buffets, internet access, and of course divine smoothies and vegan chocolate cake.

For the last 2 weeks, I have been living off these smoothies, which can be vegan upon request. The liquid nourishment is made from a frozen banana base which gives it an ice-cream like consistency, curd (or water for vegans), and a selection of all-natural mixes (date, almond, cashew, dark chocolate). Their smoothies are light yet filling, and thoroughly tasty--it's hard to believe that they are healthy. They are to die for! And I will be dying for them until they reopen.

Plain banana smoothie is Rp40. Rp10 for additional toppings which are mixed in. Anu's is located at 367, 2nd Main, 3rd Stage.


  1. My daily morning breakfast while I stayed with Anu and Ganesh a few years back! SO delish :~)