Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mysore Christmas

Last year, I definitely thought i'd hit my limit with two Christmases in a row in Mysore. I missed my family, missed holiday cheer.

And yet here I am on Christmas day at Manila's airport, awaiting the first leg of travel that will end on my friend's doorstep in Gokulam early tomorrow morning.

I guess I am eager to get back, to practice with Sharath, to dig deeper into my own process. I guess what I realize is that I miss Mysore as well, that the depth of practice, the sense of community calls me to another kind of home, where a different kind of family awaits.

So I have split this precious holiday, spending the Eve, a big all night to-do in the Philippines, and the morning of Christmas Day with the family I was born into (also chosen to some extent) while setting off by midday to meet with the family I have consciously chosen, a motley crew of serious but also light hearted yoga practitioners, a humorous and occasionally stern teacher (the father figure to us all), a sweetly smiling though tough loving mama, and all the wonderful characters that make up the magic of Mysore.


  1. Hi Kaz! I'm arriving in Mysore on Janauary 9th for my first practice period at the shala. Do you have any recommendations for finding lodging? I talked to Murthy and he said he'd help but I'm curious to know what the fair prices are for a single bedroom or if it's cheaper to find multiple students and split a house? My email address is king.matthewt@gmail.com and you can also find me on Facebook here: fb.com/bhaisajyaguru or fb.com/jangalayoga. Thank you for your insights, great blog!

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